New Master Plan of North Eastern Commercial Zone

Urban development pan Imam Khomeini Airport city (IKAC)

Design: Jun – July 2019

Design by Sima Mansoori

Mega Scale Project: 90 hectare

Heterogeneous land use and activity two and three dimensional scale

First of all the location of project is very unique. This site is between Imam Khomeini Airport and main high way. I tried to show the uniqueness of this location by designing. The result of a conversation is among incoming and out coming passengers of airport city and also highway travelers and Imam Khomeini a hub commercial. I tried to create that kind of organization, universal concept by designing this unique shape, figural fluency and fluid composition. I think this project should be a part of the community for dialogue among nations. Familiar with other ceremony, events, lifestyle, art, culture or may be cross-cultural. This has should draw people of many nations together and activate communication between the people. I use green space as a day boundary for continent separation and also use the advantages of green space in this complex; and also the geometry of the space is very informal and in fluid order to make people relax. The big ambition of this new urban design is a huge commercial. We think this project is a good example of creating a new gate to dialogue and close relationship between Iran and other nations.  This multifunctional complex has the appeal of simulating trips to Asia, and Africa and America. In addition, some countries are able to introduce their business (small or large scale, light industries and culture recreational products clothes, foot, lifestyle and localized ecologies) as the representative of each continent. This project has two main northern-southern passageways and three eastern-western access lines from the right side of project site of project site, divide it into 13 main zone.

A key requirement in this project involves all the off-continent constructions, which should be applied underground in a sunken courtyard with fluid and informal geometry. According, the off-continent complexes with one story highest are transfer underground, so that they could promote a third view of passageways and surfaces from the  roofs of complex, while exploiting climatic conditions and decreasing the use of fossil and mechanical energies. Moreover, this criterion could prevent the disruption of the nation of small-world  representation in the form of continental boundaries, thereby resulting in the understanding of the concept of the proposal, regarding height restrictions due to proximity to the runway, the altitude code of the 90 hectare land was considered to be within the range from zero five to twenty  meters.

Above the ground in the design of the project, the representative of Asia in the project is included China, India, Japan and Iran. For instance  the location  that have been assigned  to China  the construction  of Chines garden and garden  tea ceremony  have been  considered  as a substitute  to modern coffee  shops. Furthermore, special malls have been designed  in order to  present  a wide  variety of each countries  selected  product from  handicrafts  to other light  industries  and out malls  of various  brands.


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