Sima Mansoori
Neuropsychology architect


I am Sima Mansoori and am originally from Tehran. I got my PhD in Architecture from Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) and my master degree in architecture from Shahid Beheshti University ( SBU). I am so passionate about interdisciplinary research on architecture and mental health, with an approach to neuropsychology; and educational background, academic experience and also professional works are in architecture with two approaches of housing design especially in old fabric urban housing, regeneration and revitalization of demolished urban residential tissue, change for housing, adaptability and affordable housing, inclusive housing, healthy and finally therapeutic built environments.

I have more than 12 years of teaching experience in several universities with a proven track of delivering with the highest standards since from the first day one of my main goals as a visiting lecturer has been enabling my students to achieve their academic goals while simultaneously encouraging them to work hard and lay down the foundation for their professional career.Whereas diversity of my design and teaching twelve years with very different courses well requires excellent flexibility, as well as highly practical insight into necessary links between subject objectives and uniquely different teaching methods. I have integrated the latest scientific achievements and methods in my courses. The teaching got and consistently high evaluation ratings from my students in these twelve courses are a testament to the fact that I make such choices wisely and effectively. I have also had an extensive and extremely positive influence on students of mine. I have presented six universities as the guest lecture for fellow academics in a wide range of courses

In conjunction I as a senior architect with my professional work history to architecture firms, I have worked as an architectural designer, project manager and executive manager from 2005 to current then I was selected as direct manager in consulting engineer from 2018 in Subsidiary of Hirmand International Investment Holding Company. I consider my professional activity in artistic portfolio as much as asked.

Mission in my professional life

I do believe that my mission in life is creating a better world for the people and as Nelson Mandela once said education is the most powerful weapon to change the world, being a university professor gives me the opportunity by teaching my students and throughout architecture design makes better housing for the people possible. Moreover by doing research with my students in interdisciplinary studies can meet the vital needs of health and housing design for the people especially by focusing on elder generation who need more help in this regard. Finally since I love learning, with this profession I have the chance of being a lifetime learner and then share the acquired knowledge with my students and colleagues to add value to our society.