Regeneration of Old Fabric, Urban Neighborhood


Explanation & Analysis

Course in School of Architecture & urban planning, Iran University of Science and Technology.

Course Time: Sep 2017-january 2020

Sustainable houses
Low Rise-High Density
Flexibility and adaptability
Design studio objectives:

– Familiarizing the students with complexity, comprehensiveness, and multidimensionality of housing design through introducing the basics, as well as design principles and methods and space quality components;
– Familiarizing the students with process-oriented design methodology by focusing on the procedural approach of designing residential complexes;
– Familiarizing the students with the art of managing the relationship between different macro, and micro scales
– Designing sustainable architecture aiming at maintaining local identity, tradition, and vernacular culture;
– Developing units and residential complexes aiming at adjusting environmental conditions, along with their proper and complete relation with nature;
– Designing view and landscape, mass and space, and the skeleton of a complex in accordance with environmental conditions and in harmony with the cityscape background;
– Designing the main and secondary residential unit types and neighborhood units (i.e., grain and block) in response to environmental conditions, as well as cultural, social, and behavioral characteristics of the residents including principles and policies;
– Designing low-rise residential complexes with appropriate compactness, creating private outdoor spaces for residential units, designing private, semi-public, and public spaces of residential units in accordance with cultural and social characteristics, taking into account security, and eventually, creating secure spaces in different areas through regulating the access networks and social monitoring facilities.

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