Regeneration of Old Fabric, Urban Neighborhood


Explanation & Analysis

Course in School of Architecture & urban planning, Iran University of Science and Technology.

Course Time: Sep 2017-january 2020

Designing a residential unit or the main and secondary patterns of units
Following Sketch 1, the exercise aims to use the previous studies and the proposed materials regarding the design of residential units and their main and secondary patterns, as well as their combined patterns by considering the following issues:
Adjusting environmental conditions by organizing full and empty indoor spaces and taking the necessary measures in the physical design
The following objectives should be pursued to create favorable living conditions:
A: Using the minimum fossil fuel, maximum natural energies (e.g., the simultaneous consideration of radiation, temperature, humidity, airflow, and the like), minimum environmental pollution, and focusing on the mutual effects of the designed unit with the environment;
B: Creating suitable links with nature based on the perception and feeling, and a direct relationship with nature and natural elements such as earth, sky, plant, air, landscape, natural light, and sun;
C: Zoning and regulating the relationship between private, semi-private, and public areas with regard to the culture and behavior of the residents;
D: Paying attention to the internal and external architecture, along with the physical qualities of the design such as scale, proportions, transparency, spatial and functional sequencing, and identity.

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